Perfection Refined

Some people in this world continually strive for perfection. You know the ones? The type that will persist with something, (whether it is art, engineering, fishing, etc.) long after the general person already thinks that the benchmark has been set.

Corroboree Capers - By Dave Donald

When you’ve spent a lifetime chasing fish as I have, somewhere along the way the realization dawns that there’s much more to fishing than just catching fish.

Hooked on Mackay - By Brendan Pollard

The 1st of February isn’t far away, and the countdown is on for the biggest day of the year, and we aren’t talking about Christmas. For Queenslanders, this day spells the opening of the saltwater barramundi season for 2019. For many of us, it’s been a long 3 months looking back at photos and videos of the previous year and counting down the days, and hours remaining.

Trolling Deep and Fast - By Dave Magner

These days there are so many lures on the market that it’s a relatively simple task to find one which will perfectly suit the way you want to fish. Need a lure to run at a specific depth? No problem! You can walk into your average tackle store, and they will have a range of lures capable of swimming anywhere from right across the surface all the way down to the old 40-foot mark.

Fishing the Fitzroy - By Nick Thompson

If you are in Rocky and you love fishing, or even are just a young keen fisherperson like myself, the Fitzroy is the place for it. The Fitzroy is home to many epic species of fish such as barra, blue and king salmon, flathead, mangrove jack, grunter, jew and many more. The Fitzroy also holds live bait which you need to target these species of fish. So, let me tell you what inhabits the Fitz.

Fusion 19 - Green With Envy. By Anthony Gomes

I’ve always maintained that, just like a car, a motorcycle, or even a house, every boat is a compromise. Even with your ‘ideal’ boat (which I thought I had), there’s always a few things that could always be better. My mindset changed recently when I visited the team at Reef Marine in Mackay for a boat test.

Summertime Savages. By James Falkenberg

With summer in full swing and the weather gods holding the magnifying glass and focusing the sun firmly on North Queensland, now is the time to enjoy a nice cold Callipo ice-block and sit back whilst observing the cricket. For those that fancy taking on the heat and getting on the water, you can be rewarded with some intense fishing sessions as the water heats up and the storms start to build.

Big lure Big Barramundi

With the closed season coming to an end, there is no better time for anglers to get out on the water and chase that trophy barramundi. With an excellent start to the monsoon season thanks to Cyclone Owen and the continued protection of breeding stocks thanks to the Net Free Zones, barramundi numbers along the east coast are looking super healthy which is great news for all fishermen. Personally, I am very much looking forward to throwing a few soft plastics at the barra again as I am well and truly sick of them teasing me on the Humminbird side imager the last three months!

Offshore Marine Master 620 - One Tough Boat. By Ben Keen

Believe it or not, reviewing boats can be a tough gig. Most of the time, boats being reviewed are either the flagship model of a particular brand or have a feature that is the next big thing. Essentially, you are usually stepping onto something awesome, given the keys, told to go as hard as you want and then after a few hours - hand it back!

Baramundi Fishing at Hinchinbrook - By Jason Masters

Hinchinbrook here we come, yet another year has ticked by, and it is the start of another barra season, and this can only mean one thing for us. Hinchinbrook. Living in the far north, we are definitely spoilt for choice, with a plethora of options at our fingertips as to where we can fish for one of Australia’s iconic sportfish, the barramundi. The Hinchinbrook region is one of our favoured places, and it draws us back every year, well nearly every month.

Whitsunday Bareboating. By Josh Behrendorff

While I was a young uni student, I watched as my parents fitted out a camper trailer and their 4WD in preparation for a touring road trip around Australia. It was a new adventure for my parents as they had always driven straight through to their destination as opposed to the grey nomad thing of enjoying the drive.

King of the Shallows - By Nick Thompson

Flathead are the king of the shallows. They stalk their prey, camouflaging themselves by changing their colour to match the sandy or muddy bottom they are feeding on.

Flathead move up the banks when the tide comes in and move down when the tide comes goes out hunting for prawns and herring.

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