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In last months’ Fish and Boat Magazine, Nathan Johnston penned an excellent feature on skipping frogs for mangrove jacks which prompted me to review one of my all-time favourite frog soft plastic lures – The YUM Tip Toad.

The Hard Yards - Brendan Pollard 2018

"If nothing changes, nothing changes." Have you heard this before? This is a catch phrase we first discovered in a fitness magazine and now use it as part of our everyday life, but more in particular, our fishing adventures here at Casting Cowboys.

Remember the first time you saw someone skip a stone across the water? Perhaps it was watching the old man, a sibling or a mate. If you are anything like me there is also a distinct memory of the first attempt resulting in a big single splash! But you kept trying. Before long and with a bit of practice those stones were skimming across the surface for as far as the eye could see.

Pause For Effect - Luke Fitzpatrick 2018

Fishing is a learning experience, at least that is the way I look at it and I am sure I am not alone. I also find fishing to be a great ‘leveller’, bringing us back down to earth with a harsh lesson or two at exactly the moment you don’t expect it, but importantly, when you need it.

New Moon Brings Fishing Closures

Coral reef fin fish will be off limits from Saturday, 6 October 2018 as the first of two annual closures to protect these fish during spawning season commences.

Fishing & Moon Phases OCt 18

Bundy Summer Options - Dave Magner

If the weather Gods are kind to you, Summer in Bundy can be a glorious time to get out on the water.

The warm blue currents bring the baitfish in close and it’s not uncommon to head offshore and find huge schools of tuna and mackerel boiling up right in front of the river mouth.

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