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This year’s Northern Territory run off was quite poor, with very little rain falling on the flood plains. In fact, if it wasn’t for a late monsoon burst, it was terribly close to becoming one of, if not the worst, wet seasons on record.

Glide Bait Basics - By Dan Kaggelis

Improving and diversifying your ability as an angler has never been more important. With increases in fishing participation comes increases in fishing pressure which means being that one step ahead of everyone else is essential to fishing success.

Lowrance HDS Live going deep

After fitting the new Lowrance HDS Live 12 inch Combo to our project boat we were keen to test it in some deeper water to see how it performs.

With the benefit of hindsight, I reckon Rockhampton City Council will one day look back on their decision to declare the region a Net Free Zone (NFZ) as one of the smartest and most far-sighted choices they could have made.

With the barra season about to open, this is the perfect time to learn more about these fish and how you can target them for the best results once the season opens again in February, 2020.


Searching New Ground - By Luke Galea

The thought of venturing out into the Coral Sea is certainly an exciting prospect for any red-blooded angler. Whilst we all know about the multitude of hard fighting sports-fish on offer out there, I think the main allure for me personally are the extensive myriad of reef systems to explore.

Timber! - By Dan Kaggelis

We all have our favourite type of lures. For some people it’s a paddle tail soft plastic or prawn, others it’s a hard body, stick bait, or popper. Usually these lures earn their favouritism from past captures as they bring a sense of confidence and reliability when catches are lean.

Assault on the Coral Sea - By Luke Galea

When you see your mate Abba’s name flash up as an incoming call on your phone, you can’t help but be excited. You just know that an offshore assault on the Coral Sea is on the cards, and you can bet your bottom dollar that you are in for an awesome experience.

The name Mulloway, or more commonly known on the eastern states as Jewfish, usually gets most anglers attention when talked about. For me, it is an obsession which started long ago when I was a kid.

Fish Big Mouth - By Dan Kaggelis

Whilst catch and release sports fishing brings plenty of excitement, taking home a feed of fish from the ocean or creek is something we are all entitled to. I’m sure you will agree that sitting down to a feed of fish and chips is pretty satisfying, especially when you have caught it yourself out of your own boat.

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