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Bundy Summer Options - Dave Magner

If the weather Gods are kind to you, Summer in Bundy can be a glorious time to get out on the water.

The warm blue currents bring the baitfish in close and it’s not uncommon to head offshore and find huge schools of tuna and mackerel boiling up right in front of the river mouth.

I purchased my first offshore worthy vessel just over a year ago: a 4.8m Galeforce. After paying my dues in the rivers of South-east Queensland and Moreton Bay in my tinnie for 7-8 years, it was time to focus on larger fish in the rich offshore waters of SEQ. It has been a steep learning curve, with a few donuts, but there have been some decent fish landed.

Whether you call them saddle tail snapper, red jew, or large mouth nannygai, there is no denying the fact they are one of the best fish in the ocean to target.

Growing to over 10kg in weight and up to the metre mark in length,they can really put a bend in the rod and always go the full ten rounds.

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