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Setting up a tinnie is no easy task, especially if it is your first attempt. The first consideration is the boat itself; the length of the boat must be suited to the conditions you will use it in. I went with a Stessco Catcher sf 430 on the basis that it is nice and nimble for creek work but will easily escape out to the islands on a nice day for some light reef and pelagic action.

We left off last time with the boat, a new Stessco Catcher sf 430, fitted out with lighting. The previous article also covered the safety gear that was required for the boat and extra gear I put in for that added peace of mind along with hard mounted accessories such as bilge pumps.

Stacer 679 Sea Ranger: Reviewed

Nothing says “fishing boat” like a centre console.

Anyone centre console enthusiast would attest to the fact that all comforts are generally rendered low priority against the need for a 360 degree fishing platform. 

Evolution 652:Enclosed

Launching their new QLD partnership with Springwood Marine at the 2015 Brisbane Boat Show, Evolution Boats wasted no time impressing local boaties when they turned up with the 652 Enclosed (652). Having sold in southern states for over a decade, Evolution Boats designed the 652 for 'hard core' anglers wanting a fully functional vessel, with a few home comforts.

Whilst at the show, it was clear that the 652 turned heads. Its sheer size and immaculate finish provided patrons with a good example of a quality boat-build. Following the show, I was able to review the 652 on the Gold Coast to see how things stacked up on the water.

3.7m Ezy Topper - Two Years On

By Bill Bowtell

On the road

The true test of any product is, “use and reliability over time.” It has now been just over two years since I first purchased one of Enlightened Boating’s, v-nosed, 3.7m “Ezy-Topper” dinghys and having used it from Cape York to the Great Australian Bight, including alpine lakes and inland rivers, it is time to report on how this boat has performed.

As a resin infused foam with fiberglass shell construction, the hull is a purpose-built design. It is super light and super strong, which makes it perfect for car topping – the primary reason as to why I first investigated the boat before finally settling to purchase one. The boat has not let me down in any aspect of usage, be it transporting, or fishing.

What makes a trailer NQ tough?

Boaties all know that while you might have the same boat for much of your fishing life, the trailer it sits on can be a disposable item, especially if you cut costs and settle on cheap fixes. With that in mind, we sat down with Justin Felix of Saltwater Trailers to see what boat owners should look for when buying a trailer that will last. Justin has been building his specialist trailers in Australia with a reputation for longevity for over ten years and, just as importantly, he has a lifetime of experience in the boating industry.

Yamaha F130A

It’s an outboard that many in the Queensland boating industry have been calling for, especially those with heavy 5-6m plate alloy and glass boats (there were 34,643 5-6m registered boats in Qld in 2013).  Yes, finally Yamaha has launched their 130hp four-stroke, the F130A.  Fitting sweetly between the 115 and 150, this powerful motor is more than just a tweaked 115; it’s an original.  

Battery questions

Battery Questions you always wanted to ask
By David Hodge

Apart from the actual rods, reels and lures, there's a couple of things that are almost as important to have at your disposal to be able to lure fish effectively. When talking casting lures from a boat, the boat's size, hull design etc, isn't as important as having an electric motor to assist in the pursuit. The advantages of having an electric motor are many, and if you fish on your own, the new iPilot models are like having someone driving for you. However, just the same as a modern car motor, where the motor will only run at its peak with the best fuel, an electric will only run as well as the battery you hook up to it. Obviously, the battery itself is a considerable purchase, and you want to get the most from your hard earned dollar, so increasing the lifespan of your battery is important.

By 'The Ed'

The V-nose punt is probably the most popular northern style of tinnie, especially in the creeks. They are superbly suited to those workhorse jobs of prawning, luring banks and blasting around labyrinth-like creeks to pick up and deploy crab pots. It was with these tasks in mind that the team at Quintrex set up a day of testing outside of the norm, but perfectly suited to the model to be demonstrated.

Tested: The AMM Tournament 7000


For the unlucky north Queenslanders who weren’t in Mackay on the Monday following the Boat Show and super-boat races, let me state categorically that it is was cold.  Bloody cold!  It was, in fact, colder than it was in Brisbane.  So, I feel vindicated for my small faux pas during the testing of two of Australian Master Marines’ (AMM) finest. 

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