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Fishing trips & destinations (20)

Syd and Tessa McMonnies are the owner/operators of Out n About Sportfishing, located in the sensationally beautiful FNQ town of Port Douglas.

The Elizabeth EII is a 108ft custom charter vessel that has been servicing Queensland waters for more than 30 years.


Double Threat Charters operates a 2012 Leisurecat 8000 out of Yeppoon on Queensland’s beautiful Capricorn Coast.

Wally Boor runs the appropriately named Full Bore Charters out of the tourism mecca of Noosa. With five decades of fishing history behind him as both a commercial operator and now running a charter boat, Wally is well prepared to deliver a fabulous day on the water.

Bob Jeynes is no ordinary angler, quite the opposite in fact. Born and bred in Queensland, Bob has an angling history of extraordinary depth and understanding going back four decades.

 Cairns has always held high appeal to both Australian and overseas anglers. It’s of little wonder as there aren’t many urban areas in the world which can offer such a diverse range of fishing options with such close proximity to the city centre.

Red dog, red bream, mangrove snapper, whatever you call them, mangrove jack hold a special place in the hearts of many fishers. They hit hard, fight dirty and live in country that tests even the most seasoned weekend warriors.

Fortunately for me, I live in heaven when it comes to mangrove jack. The creeks surrounding Hinchinbrook hold good numbers, and it’s not uncommon to pick-up a dozen fish in an arvo session down the local creek.

Fitzroy River, Net Free Zones, Rockhampton - is it really the fishing Mecca it’s made out to be? Well, I had a very good chance to find out when fellow writer and 40-year veteran of the Fitzroy, Bill Bowtell, invited me up to fish for a week. Bill had picked the dates months in advance, working around his favourite moon and tide phases.

I worked late on the Sunday and then packed the last of my gear before hitting the road from Mackay to Rockhampton. When I finally pulled up in the Boon family driveway, it was close to 10pm, and I was looking forward to a beer and a chin-wag to plan the next day’s fishing.

Fraser Island, there is certainly something very special about the largest sand island in the world. Some people call it Fraser, others stick to the indigenous Butchulla name for the island, being K’Gari. All I know, is that every time I step foot onto Fraser Island, I experience a complete feeling of relaxation.

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