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Shimano's New Range Of Tackle Luggage

Just in time for Father’s Day, Shimano is proud to be releasing a new range of tackle luggage systems for all the Aussie dads who love a weekend fishing trip. As makers of the most innovative fishing gear, Shimano have developed 5 new additions to their extensive range to help organise all your fishing essentials.

Suzuki Supports Drought Relief

Suzuki Marine has announced it will donate a portion of its proceeds from outboard sales to assist with drought relief.

A severe outbreak of coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish is occurring in the Swain Reefs, the southernmost location in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park found to have the starfish during the current outbreak.

Mackay Council Right Behind Fishing Tourism

THE Cape Hillsborough to St Helens Beach net free zone will be getting a second windfall.

Council is kicking in an extra $100,000 to help promote the destination to recreational fishers.

John Dunphy's Memory Lives On

A rich lifetime of contribution to the Australian recreational fishing community was celebrated on the evening of Monday, 18th September with the dedication of a bronze plaque honouring the late John Dunphy.

October 2017 Fishing & Moon Phases

QLD sharks travelling big distances

The crew at Ocearch have been generating some cool data on shark movements in QLD.

Following an east coast expedition back in 2015, the team have followed some big beasts with some incredible distances travelled.

AFTA Trade Show

The AFTA (Australian Fishing Trade Association) Trade Show is on at the Gold Coast this weekend.  This is where the Aussie tackle industry reveals all the new and exciting products set to hit our tackle stores’ shelves in the months to come.  The who’s who of the tackle trade are there.  The old salts catch up with old friends and remark about how far things have come and the young, or first timers, simply walk around catching flies as they are bombarded with shiny new kit. 

Commercial Fishing Licences

Hot bunking of commercial fishing licences must be torpedoed!

By Tim Trollworthy

Welcome to April after a few weeks of cyclones; some of QLD copped a caning with associated drenchings, while other places close to the cyclone action remain as dry as a bone. It epitomises the amazing land of contrast that we live and fish in! I hope all readers in cyclone affected areas are doing OK and the sou’ easters now give us a break.   

Net free zones-Myths busted

Letter from the Queensland Recreational Fishing Network (

 If Net Free Areas are established, the public won’t be able to buy local fresh fish!

The total annual reported harvest by commercial net fishers along the East Coast of Queensland year on year since the late 1990’s (official Fisheries Qld figures) has been between 5000 – 7000 tonnes/year. We have sourced the official commercial annual total catch figures for the three proposed Net Free Areas and averaged them over a reasonable timeframe.

No surprise to us to find that the combined average annual total commercial net catch across the three proposed NFAs is less than just 300 tonnes each year.

That means that currently the catch from these three areas combined is less than a meagre 5% of the total commercial net catch from the east coast.

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