We all have our favourite type of lures. For some people it’s a paddle tail soft plastic or prawn, others it’s a hard body, stick bait, or popper. Usually these lures earn their favouritism from past captures as they bring a sense of confidence and reliability when catches are lean.

Through my Facebook page (Fish That Snag) I receive dozens of messages per month from new and return visitors to Hervey Bay, asking for advice about what species of fish are currently being caught, places to fish, techniques and recommended lures to use, even questions about the very basics of where to launch a boat, what the weather is doing, where to be careful on the water and which tackle stores to visit.

‘Five Rocks’, as it is referred to, is an area of the Byfield National Park situated north of Yeppoon. The locality of Byfield itself is around a half hour’s drive from the heart of Yeppoon. Five Rocks is known for its great fishing and four-wheel drive activities and is surrounded by pristine beaches such as Nine Mile and Three Rivers. All of these are accessible by four-wheel drive and are a great getaway for anyone, whether you are a hardcore enthusiast or first timer to four-wheel driving.

By Miles Tam


Before we kick things off, everything in this article is simply my rendition of what works for me to find and catch fish jigging; it’s certainly not the only way. Hopefully there’s something in amongst all this that may help you get into the art of jigging.


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