Digging Deep - John Boon Sep 16

Do you ever sit there, look at the tides and think to yourself “bugger, should just stay home and mow the lawn or something”. Well maybe not mowing the lawn but sometimes the tides just don’t seem to line up with the good weather. Should you just stay home and give up? Absolutely not. Is there a bad time to be on the water?

When The Weather Changes - Bill Bowtell

Over the years I have kept pretty good records of my fishing. You know – the regular stuff – tides, moon phases, sea colour and conditions, weather patterns and of course, species of fish caught and/or released, locations and baits/lures used.

Reef Therapy - Dan Bowater July 16

About ten years ago I was involved in one of those special trips that totally changed my level of appreciation for fishing on the reef. Our crew consisting of fellow Fish and Boat writer Steve Polzin, his mate Paul Tucalz, and I set out with the intention of fishing a big overnighter that would probably involve several hours of mixed action.

Dealing With Slow Bite Blues - Lee Brake July 2016

Not every offshore bottom-bashing trip takes you straight to red city in riot mode.  Sometimes the nannygai and reds just aren’t schooled up.  Sometimes the top of the food chain is a little off their game or simply spread out and not easily targeted.  What do you do when it’s coming up to lunch time and moths fly out of your esky every time you lift the lid? 

Migratory Macks - Dan Kaggelis August 2016

When anglers think of pelagic fish they typically visualise those species such as mackerel, marlin and tuna which spend the majority of their lives cruising open waters over vast distances away from the bottom. These fish are characterised as ‘pelagics’ because they mostly inhabit the pelagic zone of ocean which is the largest habitat on the earth’s surfaces stretching over 550 million cubic kilometres of water.

September 16 Fishing & Moon phases

Offshore 1770 - Wayne Baldry


So, you’ve arrived at 1770 after a big drive. The bearings didn’t fail and you’re itching and ready to go. The forecast looks good. Anything less than 15 knots allows you to get to plenty of country without too much drama.

Tested: Sea Adex - Peter Kaye

Winter offshore SEQ - Cody Hochen

Over the last 2 years, I have been building my knowledge base and extending my fishing to some offshore areas out from south-east Queensland. This has given me the opportunity to target and catch a new range of species using some techniques that I don’t usually use in the bay. Unless the weather is perfect, my little Quintrex isn’t usually sturdy enough to venture too far offshore.

DIY Mothershipping - Lee Brake Aug 2016

We’ve just spent three days at the reef in a 4.85m side console – working deep water, trolling, casting reef flats, popping, jigging, exploring marks for miles around. But it gets better, because breakfast, lunch and dinner all came piping hot from the galley of a 40’ Riviera(Ramsgate). Which also meant comfy beds, icy cold drinks and lots of room for all the necessities – like spare combos and ridiculous amounts of tackle.

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