Going Haywire (Noosa Mackerel) - Grant Budd March 2016

Living in S.E QLD has its year round advantages as an angler with rivers, dams, lakes and the ocean all within easy reach. Like a lot of other anglers I spend the winter months enjoying the cooler days, wearing the odd jumper and jeans while targeting our winter species.

Plastic Wrap: Angel Bait - Dan Kaggelis November 2015

As a North Queensland angler, I’ve had limited opportunity to target many of our iconic southern native species such as the Australian Bass and Murray Cod.  

Golden Desires - John Boon April 2015

Fingermark, golden snapper, chopper, call them what you want, but you have to admit they are a stunning specimen of the Lutjanid family. Ever since I went for a trip with Coby Pascoe at the start of 2014 I have been hooked. Young Coby is a weapon when it comes to all things piscatorial. The knowledge that he possess at a young age will steer him onto bigger and better things in the future, I’m sure of it.

When It Gets Tough - David Hodge April 2014

Looking at the tide charts and wind strength and direction, you set yourself a plan for a day's fishing. Everything looks great, and you head out from the boat ramp spot on the right time to have yourself where you need to be at the perfect time of the tide.

April 2016 moon phase chart

Offshore Marine Master 575 - Tested - March 2016

Buying Australian made, awesome. Buying QLD made, even better. There is no doubt about it, QLD boat manufacturers are up there with the best and I never cease to be impressed by the handy work of local boat builders.

Formosa & Minn Kota Ulterra: Tested - Dan Kaggelis March 2016

When it comes to plate aluminium trailer boats, Formosa boats are a true leader in their field. With foundation bench marks which include attention to detail, innovative build processes and most importantly strength and quality welding, there is little to wonder why Formosa boats have a reputation as being one of Australia’s best designed and best performing plate aluminium boats.

Light line - Clayton Nicholls 2013

Having your first crack at light gear fishing can be pretty exciting, especially if you land a fish in that first attempt. The home ground of this expedition was the front of the Causeway Lake where many people including myself come down for a fish before grabbing some perfectly cooked fish and chips from the Causeway Lake Kiosk.

When a plan comes together - John Boon 2013

For the last handful of offshore trips I have had the pleasure of just showing up at the ramp with my gear and food and jumping on someone else’s boat. These trips are great, but it had gotten to the stage where I was starting to miss being in control.

Where barra go when the rain comes - Bill Bowtell 2013

“Understanding the movements of barra during flood events will help the angler to more consistent catches”. I read these words more than thirty years ago and they ring true to this day.

Long weekend luring - Dan Bowater 2013

For many reef fishing enthusiasts the recent four day long Easter weekend was earmarked as a prime opportunity to spend some quality time on the water.  In the lead up, predictions of a generous window of good weather culminating with the public holiday weekend were improving to a point where it would have been a crime to leave a boat in the garage.

Bluewater jigging - Josh Behrendorff - 2013

I’ve always been somewhat envious of fishing charter operators, not so much for the customer and business interactions, but more so for the fact that these people have been able to make a living by going fishing and putting people onto fish.

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