Offshore 1770 - Wayne Baldry


So, you’ve arrived at 1770 after a big drive. The bearings didn’t fail and you’re itching and ready to go. The forecast looks good. Anything less than 15 knots allows you to get to plenty of country without too much drama.

Tested: Sea Adex - Peter Kaye

Winter offshore SEQ - Cody Hochen

Over the last 2 years, I have been building my knowledge base and extending my fishing to some offshore areas out from south-east Queensland. This has given me the opportunity to target and catch a new range of species using some techniques that I don’t usually use in the bay. Unless the weather is perfect, my little Quintrex isn’t usually sturdy enough to venture too far offshore.

DIY Mothershipping - Lee Brake Aug 2016

We’ve just spent three days at the reef in a 4.85m side console – working deep water, trolling, casting reef flats, popping, jigging, exploring marks for miles around. But it gets better, because breakfast, lunch and dinner all came piping hot from the galley of a 40’ Riviera(Ramsgate). Which also meant comfy beds, icy cold drinks and lots of room for all the necessities – like spare combos and ridiculous amounts of tackle.

Solo Bluewater Fishing - Dan Bowater 2015

One of the most unique aspects of fishing as a pastime would have to be the range of characters it attracts. I have never experienced a sport or activity that so easily unifies the old, the young, the crazy and the conservative (and everything in-between).

August 2016 Fishing & Moon Phases

Persistence Pays Off - Grant Budd 2016

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or been away on a luxury holiday for the past 3-4 months you would know that SE QLD has been getting more than its fair share of windy unfishable days. This has forced many of us to stay at home, fish the local rivers, breakout a kayak or try something else like lawn bowels!

Jardine River Feature - Tom Smith July 2016

I want to tell you about the Jardine River but I don’t quite know where to start. I suppose, for the car-topping winter-dodger, the beginning of your Jardine River experience will be the exorbitant fee you’ll be charged to travel the 50 or so meters on a well-worn cable ferry to the other side.

Sweet Missions - Jeff Wilton July 2016

When the alarm goes off at 3am and you’re already wide awake and drinking your second coffee you know you’re keen for the coming days fishing mission. Sure enough my mate arrived 15 mins early which cemented the fact that he too was overly excited at what this day could bring.

Gladstone Dreamin' - Scotty Hillier June 16

Our Creek to Coast adventures saw the team arrive in Gladstone last month for the week to catch up with local guide and without a doubt one of the best in the business Johnny Mitchell charters, along for the ride was young Andrew McGrath from BCF, our mission was to film a BCF half hour that would include a bit of offshore, bit of inshore and a bit of in between. The only downfall was the 20-30 knots of Southeast wind OOhhh and a bit of rain thrown in……..But if anyone could deliver it was Johnny Mitchell.

Net Free Areas - A gifted case for licencing Bill Bowtell June 16

Most recently the Central Queensland based, Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC), undertook the second stage of its “Community Boating and Fishing Survey” as part of its community consultation commitment to the “Draft Marine Infrastructure and Fishing Tourism Strategy”, which Council is currently formulating.

Bite Trigger - Dan Bowater June 16

At the time of writing local fishing has been challenging with heavy rainfall and squally trade winds ruling out trips for all but the keenest minority. Some of the larger local river systems like the mighty Johnstone react very sensitively to these unpredictable rainfall events. So it’s not surprising that such waterways are currently sporting a red tinge and flowing about a metre deeper than normal.

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