Sooty Battles - Luke Galea June 16

Sooty’s in winter? You bloody bet! Residing in Mackay, it would be fair to say that our local winter would be quite laughable, especially when compared to the southern states. Despite this, there is certainly a drop by at least a few degrees which is definitely transferred to the water. This can make targeting those fish that are characteristically renowned for being summer time brawlers, a little trickier…..or does it?

Low Tech - Marty Price June 16

So the big day had arrived and my mate Bredan was excited to say the least with the arrival of his new fising weapon. His  21ft Renegade a donned my front footpath in all its glory ready to go and fish the saltwater realms of our coastline. One problem though, the boat was ready to go minus the installation of any sounders or technology. In our hast to get this thing out for a fish we decided that a day on the water using mothernatures signs only to locate fish would be the plan and see what cards we are dealt in regards to fish on board.

When Stars Align - Dave Donald June 16

What is wealth? Modern society insists that it’s all about how much money we have but this perception begins to lose some of its glitter as a few of us get older.  Those of us who’ve had to opportunity to experience the natural world on a regular basis are probably the ones most likely to become disillusioned with this concept. There are, in fact, many sources of wealth and some of the most coveted have nothing to do with folding green stuff, gold and diamonds.

The Codfather - Peter Kaye

Humble Estuary Cod, a trophy fish? No I hear you say? Well read this it might just change your mind! These cave dwelling critters have had me obsessed from my first encounter.  Feeling the power of these super sized Cod in under 3m of water, well feelings of inadequacy and intimidation enter your mind.

Oh My Cod - James Falkenberg

Just recently my wonderful partner and I decided it was time for us to visit my family in my hometown of the Barossa Valley, South Australia.  Now before some of you start saying to yourselves “Oh that’s what’s wrong with him” and “That explains a lot!” (To which I have all heard before), the good old state of South Oz has a number of things going for it that other states could learn from. 

No Bait Mate - Reef Plastics - John Boon

It was that time again. The time where we were to challenge ourselves. The time where we jump out of our comfort zones that we call bait and jump into some artificial offerings. As a die hard red emperor fishermen it’s hard to leave the bait at home but ever since I was introduced to a bit of jigging a few years back I now aim to get out a couple of times a year without a trace of bait anywhere inside the Cruise Craft.

Rockin out - Grant Budd (Noosa) June 2016

Probably one of the most idyllic and popular fishing spots in Noosa is the rock wall that runs out to the mouth of the Noosa River and the bar crossing.

Triple Tail - Dan Kaggelis

The warm north westerly wind barely registered as I skipped across the mirror like surface. Running parallel to the coast conditions couldn’t have been better with not a hint of swell registering and a surprisingly clean stretch of blue inshore water  below.

Palm Cove Jetty - Dan Kaggelis

When it comes to iconic land based fishing spots in far north Queensland it is hard to look past Palm Cove Jetty on the northern beaches of Cairns. Nestled on the infamous tourist strip of Palm Cove between Ellis and Clifton Beach and just 25km north of Cairns, Palm Cove Jetty’s reputation as a land based fishing hot spot is not to be taken lightly. 

Deep End - Dan Bowater

Mirror flat horizons, masses of churning baitfish and roving oceanic predators. The mere possibility of mouth watering ‘bait ball’ action lures anglers from all over Australia to the western coastline of far north Queensland. If you’ve ever found yourself experiencing the thrill and excitement of retrieving a metal slug or popper through a foaming school of pelagic species you’ll certainly commiserate with the bait ball addiction.

Fishing & Moon Phases - June 2016

Guide to Breaksea Spit

Break Sea Spit is one of locations where you need to get everything right because of the vast distance you will cover just getting there and when it all comes together; it can be one of the best places you will have ever fished.

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