Homemade sinkers - Ross Tickle April 16

Well we all know how expensive fishing can be spread between gear, fuel, bait, terminal tackle and everything else with most fisherman keen to save a few dollars anywhere they can. One of the easiest ways to save yourself a small fortune especially for offshore fisherman is to take the time and learn how to mould your own sinkers.

For Cods Sake - David Hodge April 16

When living down south in the New England area for over thirty years, apart from hunting pigs, foxes, rabbits and cats,  I spent every spare minute I could get chasing the mighty Murray Cod, and to this day are my favourite species to target.

Lettin' 'em loose - John Boon April 2016

It just so happened it was that time of the year. The time of year when the moons all line up and I get to take my lovely wife out for an offshore fishin mission. With three young kiddies it’s very hard for both of us to hit the water at the same time but she loves chasing a red emperor so when we get a window of opportunity who am I to disagree with the minister of fun and finance.

May 2016 Fishing & Moon phases

Big baits on the banks - Stamati Batsinilas - 2015

On a previous trip out to the banks, the boys and myself came across a rock that held a fair bit of bait on the northern end of the banks. We stoped and gave it a hit with some fresh bait, but didn’t pluck anything special from it. However, we did not give up with the spot. We knew there were fish there, but they weren’t on the bite at this point in time.

Shallow action in Moreton Bay - Cody Hochen 2015

As the orange and pink haze of the sun poked its head over North Stradbroke Island, I pointed the nose of my boat across a flat Moreton Bay. My aim for this beautiful summer’s morning was to take advantage of the cloudy conditions and a large morning high tide to have some fun around the reefy shallows of some of Moreton Bays many islands.

Yakking for bass - Bill Bowtell January 2016

It had been a long paddle, around the 5km mark in total.  And the sweat, combined with excess drips of water falling from the blades of the double paddle, ran down my back, soaking the lightweight shirt in the process. 

Winter jewfish - Cody Hochen 2015

The winter chill has finally arrived, and you know what that means? Jewfish! This silver ghost is the number one predator lurking in estuaries at the moment throughout South East Queensland (SEQ).

“Paddock Fish – Nannygai on Grass” - Bill Bowtell 2015

For the past 24 months I have been reporting from “On the Road”, or “Travelling Fisho”, as former Editor, Lee Brake, used to describe it. 

The Spanish are coming! Josh Behrendorff 2015

As the weather begins to cool it not only signals a change in seasons but also in fish species that are abundant locally. This time of year usually has me servicing my barra gear for a few months of storage while I dust off a couple of my favoured mackerel outfits in anticipation for a bit of fun out on the mack patches.

CBD Barra (CQ) - Bill Bowtell March 2016

It started as a parry with stories of the past and ended with generational views of the future.

New crew - Lee Brake March 2016

Lani was bent over the stern on the Streaker Tournament Console in a fairly solid amount of discomfort.  The butt of the Loomis spin stick was already leaving a bruise and the 50lb-loaded Gladiator Titan Reel was spewing line against a drag set just under full lock.  She was hurting!

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