Sounding Out - By Dan Kaggelis

There is little doubt that improvements in fish finders has moved in leaps and bounds in recent years. Enhancements in side imaging, down imaging and traditional sonar, has provided offshore anglers with an underwater view like none before across all types of fishing applications.

Sounders – Reading Tips for Better Results By Chris Parris

With all the different sounders and advanced technology available these days, it can be pretty confusing. Firstly, when deciding on which brand of sounder to purchase, it helps to consider what type of fishing you are most likely to do and research what each brand provides.

Fish Big Mouth - By Dan Kaggelis

Whilst catch and release sports fishing brings plenty of excitement, taking home a feed of fish from the ocean or creek is something we are all entitled to. I’m sure you will agree that sitting down to a feed of fish and chips is pretty satisfying, especially when you have caught it yourself out of your own boat.

You may recall, that in the March 2019 edition of Fish and Boat Magazine. I was lucky enough to review a 4.5m Tri Hull Whaler built by Sandy Straits Marine in my hometown of Hervey Bay in Queensland.


Searching for Secrets - Part 2 - By John Boon

Last week we discussed transducer placement and the ability to read at speed while fishing your favourite creeks to unlock hidden treasures. What about if you don’t have that luxury or what about if you can only view detail on your sounder whilst idling along?


Searching for Secrets (part 1) - By John Boon

Do you follow a particular angler on social media that continues to raise the bar? It could be a single person or maybe a group that seems to be always posting trophy fish on Facey or Insta. Do these guys an gals just seem to fluke these memorable captures time and time again? Of course not. There’s a full list of fundamentals that gets these fish on the deck.

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