Recreational Fishing Licence QLD

By Tim Trollworthy

Not surprisingly, recreational fishing interest in the QLD fisheries review has hotted up over the last month. The public consultation meeting dates for the review were announced in mid-August with the first meeting in NQ starting in Rockhampton on 26 August and then finishing in Mackay around 15 September.

Government monitoring zero

Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan

Please find attached contents of a draft 1 page letter to assist F&B readers in sending their submission to Governments on the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan.  Even if recreational fishers don't wish to type much themselves they can just cut and paste this suggested text and submit as a bare minimum.

Speak up now or lose the Redclaw fishery!

Letter to The Editor by Jennifer Mondora

The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr John McVeigh, visited Tinaroo on Friday 26th September to meet with members of the Tableland Fish Stocking Society, tourist parks, local businesses, and concerned anglers to hear their concerns.

Repairing a Broken Rod

By Josh Behrendorff

Regardless whether you fish twice a week, twice a month, or twice a year, the chances are that we have all had a rod or two that has broken during a fishing trip.

Lilies - Friend or Foe?

By Lee Brake

Last week I headed for Teemburra Dam, a place I hadn't ventured in months. My aim was to hook into a few of the barramundi that this dam is known for, but it was always going to be a risky trip.

Things to do in closed season

Picture: Cam Gow with a nice sooty from up a creek in Teemburra Dam

Well folks, with November we welcome a lot of things – afternoon storms, a cold beer after mowing the lawn, blow-up pools etc – but it also means that we say goodbye to chasing wild barra. With that in mind, I thought this week I'd give you a few options, and challenges, to keep you busy while barra are off the target list. Let's get the ball rolling!

Fish the Rocks

By Don Porter


Grass emperor (above) and spangled emperor inhabit rocky spots on offshore islands, but make sure of proper identification.

In North Queensland we enjoy a wide and varied range of habitats in which to fish, dependent on the species sought, and in theory no anglers should go home without a feed.

Red Carded

Lee Brake looks at some common mistakes many new anglers make when chasing big reds

Chasing big red emperor and nannygai is a type of fishing all in itself and it all too often gets lumped in with "reef fishing".  The thing is, you're not fishing the Barrier Reef.  You're fishing deep water, isolated structure and using completely different methods. 

Headland fishing… with vengeance!

By Dan Bowater


Isn’t it bizarre how a seemingly nightmare turn of events can dramatically transform into something incredible? There have been countless moments in sports like basketball when a team has basically conceded defeat and morale has struck rock bottom.

Back 2 Basics Fishing deep water – technology and tactics

By Adam Royle


Welcome to part two of tips and tactics for fishing deep water. As I explained last month, some anglers find it daunting making the shift from fishing the shallow protected reefs or inshore waters to the deeper offshore shoals and rubble patches.

Battered & Crumbed Hard Facts on Soft Plastics!

By Dave Donald


Just about every fisho these days has a few soft plastics stashed in their tackle box. In many cases, the softies only hit the water when all else has failed, a practice that hardly encourages confidence in their ability to produce. The only way to ramp up this ability is to rig them first and try a variety of retrieve styles. Assume the mindset that plastics are more like bait than a lure and you’re on the right track.

DIY Live Bait Tank

By Iain ‘Cossie’ Cossart


We all know that on most occasions, live bait out-fishes dead baits at a significant rate.  Even though fish sometimes seemingly bust a brain valve and will hit nothing but oozing, flaccid dead baits, that’s definitely an exception to the rule that live baits.. er.. rule!

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