Carefish Submission

Check out the extensive and well written Qld Fisheries Review Submission from CAREFISH.  These guys are well and truly on the right track!

Taking the kids fishing....

By Marty Price

"Can we go Dad? Can we go Dad? Dad, can we go?"Grrrrr! Fine I will take you for a fish, just shut up!

Adding a little Bling

Kirra with her very first tagged Mangrove Jack. The smile says it all!
By Adam Royle

As my daughters, Kirra and Hope, have grown, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy with them a whole stack of firsts. Their first fishing trip, their first ride in the boat, their first fish, their first fish on a lure... and so on.

Moon Phases December 2014

Fitzroy Reflections

By Bill Bowtell

Fitzroy River

I often reflect on some of my most treasured moments when fishing. It might have been a special fish, or an odd catch.

Eight top tips for slow trips

By Tyson Manley

Atherton Tablelands

As a primarily land-based angler, I’m left in the lurch when it comes to fishing technology. I don’t have any of those magic tools everyone else seems to have that makes fish just appear on their hooks (like a $2000+ sounder).

Moon Phases November 2014

Fishery stock assessments Qld

Tim tells us why there's too few recreational species assessed and too little monitoring!

By Tim Trollworthy

Fantastic to see the great letter to the editor last month from Phill Kliese on recreational fishing licences. Though I don’t agree with Phill’s perspective on recreational fishing licences, the F&B Editor prompted me to start writing a column in F&B to bring readers a wider perspective of management and science matters that effect recreational fishing. I strongly encourage other letters and points of view. It is only in this way that we can be more informed and have an increased ability to influence change for the betterment of recreational fishing in Queensland. The topic of a Queensland recreational fishing licence is not likely to go away any time too soon! 

2014 BCF Barra Championship

A Gladstone fisherman has been crowned the 2014 BCF Barra Champ after winning the annual Barramundi fishing competition. Sun Valley angling aficionado, Scott McAuley, netted the title with his whopping 127cm catch.  This is the second time Scott has won the competition, which is now in its third year. The event has become a staple on the angling calendar, attracting contestants from across Australia. The inaugural Barra Champ in 2012, Scott spent a grueling three days fishing for his 127cm monster barramundi in the Calliope River. 

Ciguatera: the hidden toxin

Trout of this size are known Ciguatera carriers, especially when caught on the continental shelf area

By Nathan Billing

After recently becoming another unenviable statistic of someone who has contracted Ciguatera Poisoning, I thought I would do whatever is possible to make other people aware of this toxic poison and the risk that it poses in our area.

Caesar Flathead

Perfect partners: Caesar salad and Caesar Flathead

By Anthony Davies

Recreational Fishing Licence QLD

By Tim Trollworthy

Not surprisingly, recreational fishing interest in the QLD fisheries review has hotted up over the last month. The public consultation meeting dates for the review were announced in mid-August with the first meeting in NQ starting in Rockhampton on 26 August and then finishing in Mackay around 15 September.

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