The Cheese is always greener

Hello?...(taps microphone) Is this thing on? …Right… For starters, Happy New Year!! I’m pleased to announce that I, your risible rotund raconteur, the Tackle Rat (but you can call me ‘T’), am back! I guess I’ve got a bit of explaining to do, and there’s no better place than here, and no better time than now…

Fishy DIY

Jig Head Storage Box

By Graham Brake

The day after a successful session out wide over the Christmas, New Year break saw me unpacking The Streak

Letter: nothing to lose with artificial reefs

By Phill Kliese

I call on the Queensland State Government to implement an annual roll-out of artificial reefs up and down the length of the Queensland Coast.

Moon Phases February 2015

Inshore Pelagic Tips

By Cody Hochen
Moreton Bay

Summer has well and truly arrived in Brisbane, and right on cue, so have the pelagics.

Estuary Bull Sharks

By Ross Tickle
Logan River

Over the past couple of years there has been a growing trend of targeting river bull sharks, as they provide great light tackle fun and can be targeted in any of the coastal rivers and estuaries in South East Queensland.

Battered & Crumbed

New Year Goodies!

By Dave Donald

There’s nothing like a good ol’ New Year to foster all sorts of visions and plans for things piscatorial in the coming season. For some, the holidays that accompany this celebration provide plenty of opportunities to wet the proverbial line while others are thinking of that ‘trip of a lifetime’ that may just happen before 2016 rolls around.

Letter to Editor:Election called

Dear All,

Long silence broken following announcement of election: time for action.

I have just posted the following on our Facebook page. If you are a Facebook subscriber, great if you would give it a "Like" and forward it on to others, if not a "user" and I'll forgive you for that (!) please feel free to forward on. The more likes we get the more attention the topic will receive in the lead up to the election.

Overcoming Crew Conundrums

By Lee Brake


Everything looks perfect: the weather, the tides, the moon phase, your horoscope, the entrails of a holy sacrificial goat... But there's one small problem your usual crew is in hospital or jail (the only two acceptable excuses).

Seeing the Light!

As a bait-using, paternoster-twister from way back, Graham Brake offers his tried and tested method of transitioning to artificials offshore. If you still haven't caught trophy fish on "those plastic things" this article is for you!

By Graham Brake

One statement I continually hear from other members of the older generation is how they struggle to get into artificials while fishing offshore. I can sympathise with them as I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the influence of the much younger editor I would find myself in the same boat.

Icons of the Industry

Rex Hunt: The man behind the hype!
By J. Mondora

A few years back I was on-board the game fishing cruiser "Jo Jo" taking pictures and beside me on the bridge was Chris Leishman, who is a financial advisor with the very successful Trinity Financial Services here at Cairns. Chris quietly asked, "In your lifetime how many men do you think have really influenced Australians?"

Icons of the Industry

The Platypus Story

By John Mondora

How many of you out there have heard of the "third generation syndrome"? Probably very few, but let me tell you it is alive and well. I guess about now most of you are saying "what the hell is Mondora on about now? Whoever heard of the third generation syndrome, and what is it anyway?"

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