Fishing Offshore with the new Lowrance HDS Live 12 - By Peter Ford

In the world of hi tech fishing, it’s hard for the layman to cut through the jargon sometimes and find out actually how effective some products are, well I can tell you as an old school bait fisherman I never really thought your GPS and Sonar would play such a big part in your successes until we fitted the new Lowrance HDS Live 12 unit to the Fish and Boat Magazine Project Boat.

What a Legend - By Anthony Gomes

It's no secret that one of the great things about working for this magazine is the fact that I get to jump aboard some awesome boats and meet some people that are very passionate about their role in the fishing and boating industry. The Clark 520 Legend, and the staff at Edge Marine are right up there on both accounts.

Hinchinbrook Jackpot - By Adam Royle

Red dog, red bream, mangrove snapper, whatever you call them, mangrove jack hold a special place in the hearts of many fishers. They hit hard, fight dirty and live in country that tests even the most seasoned weekend warriors.

Fortunately for me, I live in heaven when it comes to mangrove jack. The creeks surrounding Hinchinbrook hold good numbers, and it’s not uncommon to pick-up a dozen fish in an arvo session down the local creek.

Rockhampton Rewards - By Peter Kaye

Fitzroy River, Net Free Zones, Rockhampton - is it really the fishing Mecca it’s made out to be? Well, I had a very good chance to find out when fellow writer and 40-year veteran of the Fitzroy, Bill Bowtell, invited me up to fish for a week. Bill had picked the dates months in advance, working around his favourite moon and tide phases.

Elephant Eat Peanuts - By Brendan Pollard

There’s little to no doubt that the Net Free Zones (NFZ) up and down the Queensland coast are working in the recreational angler’s favour, with places like Rockhampton being put on the map as one of the premier fishing destinations in Australia. Being Local Mackay lads, and with Rockhampton having its fair share of publicity lately, we thought we would let the angling community know just how good the Mackay NFZs are.

Sure Thing Shrimpin' - By Dan Kaggelis

The only one thing better than a solid wet season is the fishing that comes after it. Whilst it can be a little frustrating watching the creeks and rivers run chocolate for months on end, the reality is that these big flushes will eventually pay some pretty big dividends in terms of fish recruitment for the future.

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