Qld Snapper Catch Rates Down

By Tim Trollworthy

One of the old wives’ tales that has always amused me in the Queensland fishing world is a perception amongst many recreational fishermen that recreational hook and line fishing can’t have any measureable impact on fished populations.

Tested: Mako 234CC

By Steven Chalmers

Recently I was invited to put the Mako 234CC to the test following their open day at Mackay Mobile Marine’s new boat sales and servicing complex in Mackay. When you first enter the new boat yard on Evans Ave, there are some awesome toys on display! The Mako 234CC, however, stood out due to its sheer size, build quality and fishing space. So what is the Mako 234CC?

Battered and Crumbed

Gods or Crazies!

By Dave Donald

Well, the greatest show on earth, otherwise known as the G20 if you believe all the hype, came and went almost in the blink of an eye! Premier ‘Can Do’ was ready to accept the praise for the so-called seamless operation of the event, conveniently forgetting the hundreds of millions it cost us taxpayers, and is reportedly contemplating calling an early election to take advantage of his improved status courtesy of the enormous international publicity.

Moon Phases January 2015

Samaki Vibelicious Shimmer

By Dan Kaggelis

"Fish on!" I exclaimed excitedly as my spin rod bent over and the braid began screaming off the spool. My deckie for the day Drew looked over in disgust as this was fish number three from this stretch of bank and so far none were his.

Carefish Submission

Check out the extensive and well written Qld Fisheries Review Submission from CAREFISH.  These guys are well and truly on the right track!

Taking the kids fishing....

By Marty Price

"Can we go Dad? Can we go Dad? Dad, can we go?"Grrrrr! Fine I will take you for a fish, just shut up!

Adding a little Bling

Kirra with her very first tagged Mangrove Jack. The smile says it all!
By Adam Royle

As my daughters, Kirra and Hope, have grown, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy with them a whole stack of firsts. Their first fishing trip, their first ride in the boat, their first fish, their first fish on a lure... and so on.

Moon Phases December 2014

Fitzroy Reflections

By Bill Bowtell

Fitzroy River

I often reflect on some of my most treasured moments when fishing. It might have been a special fish, or an odd catch.

Eight top tips for slow trips

By Tyson Manley

Atherton Tablelands

As a primarily land-based angler, I’m left in the lurch when it comes to fishing technology. I don’t have any of those magic tools everyone else seems to have that makes fish just appear on their hooks (like a $2000+ sounder).

Moon Phases November 2014

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