Mackay Council Right Behind Fishing Tourism

THE Cape Hillsborough to St Helens Beach net free zone will be getting a second windfall.

Council is kicking in an extra $100,000 to help promote the destination to recreational fishers.

Beginners Guide: "Reds From DI to 1770" Peter Ford 2017

When you’re flicking through your favourite fishing mag or looking at your Facebook feed, you get the feeling that red emperor’s are a little hard to catch as they seem to be the trophy fish caught in ones or twos, here and there.

Fishing & Moon Phases - December 2017

How To Fish 4lb Style! Miles Tam

Well that brings us to another 4lb challenge done and dusted! This has to be one of Australia’s, if not the world’s most ‘social’ fishing comps! Once again Cardwell in North Queensland remained our choice of location with Hinchinbrook being the only system big enough to be able to hide 40 boats and still feel isolated.

88Nm In A 4.2m Punt! - Miles Tam 2017

Now many are probably thinking ‘is this bloke for real’? The short answer is ‘yes’, but there were many factors that allowed this to happen. Firstly I know this area better than my own backyard,

Sunny Coast Offshore Yakking - Barry Stevenson

The weather prediction for the day was light winds and half a metre of swell; perfect for an offshore kayak fish with a beach launch. I was aiming for a bit of fun chasing sweetlip or squire and if I could get a few on plastic, all the better.

Brisbane Monster Geets - Cody Hochen November 2017

In my previous article, I left readers hanging in suspense with a story about monster SEQ GTs. As promised here it is. Although I didn’t catch one, I had the pleasure of lifting their massive frames over the side of the Galeforce to admire one of the ocean’s toughest and sought after sportfish.

Bundy Fresh Options - Dave Magner

While Bundaberg is perhaps better known for the extensive saltwater fishing options it provides, it’s actually not a bad place to base yourself if you prefer to fish freshwater. Being located towards the lower end of what is effectively Central Queensland, it is surrounded by a diverse mix of southern and northern species. In fact, it’s quite possible to find yourself hooking anything from Mary River cod, to bass or even barramundi on the one trip.

Cairns Marlin Season 2017 - Stephen Polzin

Not a lot of anglers look forward to winter in Cairns.  The daylight hours are shorter, it can blow to unfishable strengths for months at a time, barra and jacks go on a diet and it’s bitterly cold.  Ok I made that last one up.  It does though bring one redeeming feature, as this is when the small black marlin come to town. 

November 2017 Fishing & Moon Phases

Western Cape York - Talina O'Brien 2017

As winter hits Cape York, the temperatures have been dropping to a horrible 20-something degrees, temperatures that would make those chilly southerners very jealous.

Sandy Straits Flatties - Andy Pennell 2017

The humble flathead may just be the perfect fish. From its accessibility to shore-based anglers to its qualities on the table, there is a lot to like about our flat boned friend.

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