Trick My Tinnie: Pt 2 Ben Keen 2017

A couple of editions back, you might remember I went through the process of installing a bow mounted electric motor on my tinnie.

Over the last few months, the electric has been such a welcome addition to "Big Bad Barry" that I decided to go next level and pimp my sounder.

So, why the upgrade?

Smoked Chorizo Stuffed Squid - By Thanh Ly

2 x chorizo sausage mince

Minced squid tentacles 1/4 cup

1/4 cup diced onion & capsicum

SEQ Squidding - By Ben Keen & Peter Kaye

This time of year generally means dinner tables in the homes of SEQ fishos are loaded with just about the best feed you could hope for, a calamari entree with a snapper main - yeehaaaa!!

War On Waste - Lee Brake 2017

I fish for fun and food – simple as that.  I won’t apologise for bringing home a tasty, nutritious feed of fish to feed my family, and I like to keep a few feeds in the freezer for between trips.  So, I will never give anyone a hard time for putting some fillets in the freezer. What has always hit a nerve with me though, is waste.  I hate to see it.  It makes me angry. 

August Fishing & Moon Phases 2017

FYI: 1770 By Peter Ford 2016

For many southern anglers, the lure of tropical species like red emperor and coral trout combined with a reef system full of picturesque islands and coral cays that allows safe overnight anchorages, all only 30 miles from the mainland,will have them towing their rigs six or seven hours north hoping to tick these species off their bucket list.

Guide Blue Spot Trout - Dan Kaggelis

When it comes to the apex predators of the coral bombies of the Great Barrier Reef, the blue spot coral trout would have to be up there as the top dog.

Growing to over a metre in size and with an attitude best resembling a pit bull terrier, the blue spot trout is in all essence a top line reef brawler.

Tracker Review - Peter Kaye 2017

It was love at first sight when we crossed paths at the Brisbane Boat Show. A good friend of mine introduced us, the next four hours were spent pawing over her and finding out as much as I could about this beauty. The Tracker Pro Guide V-175 SC had everything I wanted in a boat and more! The only question was, how did she ride?

Surtees 650 Review - Mitch Sayers 2017

If you are in the market for a serious offshore trailer boat, then look no further as the Surtees 650 Game Fisher (650) ticks all of those angling boxes.

Surtees had in mind the serious offshore angler when designing this incredible watercraft.

Follow The Leader - Dave Magner 2017

Apart from your hook, the line it is tied to is the next most important part of the whole fishing equation. Leaders, traces, tippets, call ‘em what you will’, that all important bit of line which is tied to your hook is a vital but often overlooked piece of angling equipment.

The Extra Mile - Talina O'Brien 2017

For decades now Cape York has been considered an iconic and bucket list destination for off road travellers in Australia seeking out the adventure of remote territory and untouched landscapes. With access roads constantly improving and the technology of 4WD vehicles and accessories continuing to evolve, the journey north into Cape York has become less arduous.

July 2017 Fishing and Moon Phase Chart

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