Pieces of the Puzzle. By Dan Kaggelis

It’s been a month since the opening of the barramundi season and whilst there are plenty of anglers out there with barra runs on the board, I’m sure there will be twice as many anglers scratching their heads wondering what they need to do to get off the mark. If this sounds like you, then its time to think about changing your game a little to help increase your chances of finding that elusive barramundi.

One Cool Cat. By Anthony Gomes

Following on from the water test on the Fusion 19, published in the January edition of this magazine, I had lined up another boat, also from Reef Marine in Mackay. Ironically, the next boat was also from KBL Marine, who imports these boats, along with the Fusion boats, directly from South Africa.

Sandy Straits Marine Tri Hull 4.5m Whaler. By Luke Fitzpatrick

Anyone who follows my Fish That Snag fishing and boating adventures on Facebook or through YouTube will know that I absolutely love fishing the flats along the western side of Fraser Island. Sneaking right up into the shallows, sight casting at fish or slowly navigating my way through skinny drains to find a hidden watery hole which holds a fat hungry fish, is, without doubt, my favourite way to fish.


Fishing the Channels. By Jason Nat Rogers

I love the run-off, it's that magic time of the year when you can catch lots of barramundi in the Top End of the Northern Territory. And I love catching barra, especially in an environment and setting which is so remarkably breathtaking and wild.


Finding Fingermark. By Nathan Johnston

The highly sought-after Lutjanus johnii, aka fingermark carry a distinctive back spot the shape of a thumbprint just below their dorsal fin. The striking fish can take on copper, golden and silvery hues depending on the habitat, depth of water and time of day they are caught, which is the reason they often also go by the name of golden snapper.

Goldilocks and the Three Snags. By Lee Brake

It’s amazing the parallels you draw. As a fisherman and a father to a two-year-old, I found myself pondering the children’s classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week, a book I often read to my daughter.

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