Trolling Deep and Fast - By Dave Magner

These days there are so many lures on the market that it’s a relatively simple task to find one which will perfectly suit the way you want to fish. Need a lure to run at a specific depth? No problem! You can walk into your average tackle store, and they will have a range of lures capable of swimming anywhere from right across the surface all the way down to the old 40-foot mark.

Fishing the Fitzroy - By Nick Thompson

If you are in Rocky and you love fishing, or even are just a young keen fisherperson like myself, the Fitzroy is the place for it. The Fitzroy is home to many epic species of fish such as barra, blue and king salmon, flathead, mangrove jack, grunter, jew and many more. The Fitzroy also holds live bait which you need to target these species of fish. So, let me tell you what inhabits the Fitz.

Fusion 19 - Green With Envy. By Anthony Gomes

I’ve always maintained that, just like a car, a motorcycle, or even a house, every boat is a compromise. Even with your ‘ideal’ boat (which I thought I had), there’s always a few things that could always be better. My mindset changed recently when I visited the team at Reef Marine in Mackay for a boat test.

Summertime Savages. By James Falkenberg

With summer in full swing and the weather gods holding the magnifying glass and focusing the sun firmly on North Queensland, now is the time to enjoy a nice cold Callipo ice-block and sit back whilst observing the cricket. For those that fancy taking on the heat and getting on the water, you can be rewarded with some intense fishing sessions as the water heats up and the storms start to build.

Big Barra Run Off Fishing. By Craig Latimore

The Northern Territory runoff is truly a wonderful beast and usually stretches from February to sometime in May. During the preceding months, there is a mix of massive storms, monsoons and cyclones dumping their lifeblood onto the various floodplains across the NT. Paving the way for the reproduction and growth of a huge biomass that the mighty barramundi calls food. And it’s when the rains ease and the floodplains start to fall, all that food flows into the many runoff creeks and rivers. What follows is a feast that could only be matched by the Mother in Law at a pie sale.

Big lure Big Barramundi

With the closed season coming to an end, there is no better time for anglers to get out on the water and chase that trophy barramundi. With an excellent start to the monsoon season thanks to Cyclone Owen and the continued protection of breeding stocks thanks to the Net Free Zones, barramundi numbers along the east coast are looking super healthy which is great news for all fishermen. Personally, I am very much looking forward to throwing a few soft plastics at the barra again as I am well and truly sick of them teasing me on the Humminbird side imager the last three months!

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