February Tide & Moon Phase Charts

Chasing Drag Burners - Luke Fitzpatrick 2017

October through to December can prove to be a frustrating time for anglers in Hervey Bay, due to persistent northerly winds. The natural protection usually offered by the world heritage listed Fraser Island, to almost yearlong south easterly winds is mostly lost as hot and humid air is pushed into the bay from the tropics to our north.

Turbo CrawZ - Dan Kaggelis 2017

One of the best attributes of soft plastic lures is the diversity they offer the angler in terms action, attraction and presentation. The quality of a soft plastic can often be determined by the amount of diversity it offers and the latest offering by ZMan the Turbo CrawZ is one plastic that has diversity in spades.
When you first see this plastic it isn’t hard to recognise its potential as a sub- surface sand species slayer as its crayfish/ prawn like pattern and oversized claws really appeal to the likes of flathead. However on closer inspection this plastic has a lot more to offer than just ‘another’ flathead soft plastic.

Paddle Prawns With A Purpose - Lee Brake 2016

I can honestly say it was the quickest hook-up I’ve ever had while jigging. I didn’t even manage to get the reel into free-spool! This was mostly because the free-spool lever didn’t seem to be engaging, but also because the fish happily rose 15 metres to take the offered plastic. I’d literally arrived at the mark, threaded the big prawn plastic onto the 2 ounce jighead and lifted it over the side.

"Neap Tide Nannies" Dan Bowater 2016

Another year has flown by and disappeared like a doomed baitfish in a bubble trail. With 2016 behind us there really is no better time to analyse or at least consider what the New Year will produce. It’s worthwhile to look back at how that year long timeframe helped improve our ability on the water. What lessons were learnt?

Review: Polycraft - By Wayne Baldry

What are you laughing at? Yes, I know it’s purple. Yes, I know it’s plastic. Yes, I know it’s full of nearly enough women to form a netball team. That’s the whole reason I have a purple plastic boat. Fellow fishermen and so called mates, can be so cruel.

SEQ Offshore Pelagic Tips - Cody Hochen 2016

The water temperature is rising and so is my excitement for the upcoming pelagic season. My excitement coincides with thearrival of my 4.8-metre Galeforce over Christmas. My new ride will give me an opportunity to venture further afield to the offshore grounds of south-east Queensland.

Whitsunday Dreamin - Andy Pennell 2016

When I was 19 my best buddy and I did our first ever long distance fishing road trip. We pulled a 14 hour marathon drive north to the beautiful Whitsundays to chase anything with fins and possibly some backpacker lasses as well. It may as well have been the moon to a couple of young wide-eyed chumps from the country.

FYI 1770: Peter Ford 2016

Review: Haines Signature 550F

January 2017 Fishing and Moon Phases

Island Stylin' - Bill Bowtell 2016

The northerly front hit just as we passed Conical Rocks heading north out of Keppel Bay. It was 12 hours ahead of the predicated scheduled forecast. I pulled the throttle back on the big Evinrude and the bow of S-Cape II settled in the uncomfortable slop of the 15-20 knot breeze.

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