October 2017 Fishing & Moon Phases

QLD sharks travelling big distances

The crew at Ocearch have been generating some cool data on shark movements in QLD.

Following an east coast expedition back in 2015, the team have followed some big beasts with some incredible distances travelled.

Woodgate Uncovered - Paul Chew 2017

It's funny how time plays tricks on our memory, as my earliest recollection of Woodgate Beach was riding in the family’s XC Falcon, on a day trip that seemed to take forever to get there, a quick swim and chips on the beach, and the trip home also took an eternity.

September Fishing and Moon Phases

Figuring Out Catchments - Dan Kaggelis 2017

North Queensland is blessed with some amazing waterways filled with equally amazing fish species. The reason for this piscatorial richness can be attributed to our diverse and mostly unspoilt catchments. Catchments can best be described as natural landscapes which collect and channel rainwater.

Hainse Signature 495F: Reviewed Peter Kaye 2017

The Haines Signature 495F is the new entry level cuddy cab from the Haines Group. Replacing the 493F, it has been redesigned and tweaked a little. Suitable for a family fun day on the water, fishing or even the overnight camping trip.

"Big Wave Tinny" Grant Budd 2017

When I saw the weather report of 25-30 knots and 2m swells, I contacted Pat at Waverider Boats and said let’s postpone until another day. He replied, "The only thing that can stop us is fear. Fear not!" With a comment like that, what could I do but make my way to Mooloolaba to try it out?

Trick My Tinnie: Pt 1 Ben Keen 2017

Two things in life define me, my ability to dream and my penchant for expensive toys. I think I know where it started. I was 12 years-old. The location was K Mart at Wynnum West. Up the back was a glass cabinet that could only be unlocked by an appropriately trained staff member - like all expensive things in Wynnum, it pays to lock them up. In this cabinet sat 2 items that would mesmerise me: Alvey reels & fish finders.

Trick My Tinnie: Pt 2 Ben Keen 2017

A couple of editions back, you might remember I went through the process of installing a bow mounted electric motor on my tinnie.

Over the last few months, the electric has been such a welcome addition to "Big Bad Barry" that I decided to go next level and pimp my sounder.

So, why the upgrade?

Smoked Chorizo Stuffed Squid - By Thanh Ly

2 x chorizo sausage mince

Minced squid tentacles 1/4 cup

1/4 cup diced onion & capsicum

SEQ Squidding - By Ben Keen & Peter Kaye

This time of year generally means dinner tables in the homes of SEQ fishos are loaded with just about the best feed you could hope for, a calamari entree with a snapper main - yeehaaaa!!

War On Waste - Lee Brake 2017

I fish for fun and food – simple as that.  I won’t apologise for bringing home a tasty, nutritious feed of fish to feed my family, and I like to keep a few feeds in the freezer for between trips.  So, I will never give anyone a hard time for putting some fillets in the freezer. What has always hit a nerve with me though, is waste.  I hate to see it.  It makes me angry. 

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