Flashers & Dodgers - Dan Kaggelis 2016

When it comes to techniques, trolling is regarded by many anglers as a lazy man’s style of fishing. Most view trolling as throwing out a couple of lures behind the boat, sticking the rod in the rod holder and waiting for the fish to hook themselves. However, with a few adjustments and some sneaky additions, trolling like many forms of fishing can be much more technical and most importantly, highly effective when targeting both demersel and pelagic fish.

The Mighty Mitchell - Dan Kaggelis November 2016

Even though it had been two decades since I had fished the mighty Mitchell River, the memories of its giant barramundi boofing lures and launching head and shoulders out of the water were still etched clearly in my mind like it was yesterday. This wild Western Cape York River was where I suffered my first and severest bout of barra fever which to this day has yet to be matched.

December 2016 Tide and Moon phases

Making The Most Of Half Tide Ramps - Lee Brake Oct 16

St Helens Beach in North Queensland is a sleepy little seaside town will three rows of houses, a small park and a camping area. As far as beaches go, it’s not exactly going to give Bondi or Whitehaven as run for their money, but what it lacks is squeaky white sand, it makes up for in piscatorial potential.

Smash Crab Sensation - Dan Kaggelis - Nov 16

Almost a year ago River2Sea released the Crusty Crab which proved to be an absolute sensational soft plastic crab presentation. This little crab profile was deadly on all manner of estuarine and in shore species in particular the jacks which wolfed them down when tossed into snags.

Why Fish Won't Bite - Dan Kaggelis - July 16

There is nothing more frustrating in the world of angling then finding fish that just refuse to feed. Whether it’s watching them stacked up on the sounder or spotting them in the water, when they just don’t want to bite it can be hugely annoying.

Fly Fishing The Torres Strait - Dave Magner Nov 16

Fishing on the beaches of the Torres Strait islands is a great way to escape the wind and enjoy some red hot ultra-light fly fishing action.

November 2016 Fishing and Moon Phases

Brisbane River Threadies - Cody Hochen 2016

Threadfin salmon, or threadies, have occupied the Brisbane River for many years. About 12 years ago, a population explosion started the phenomenon that has attracted fisherman from all over Australia. When I first moved to the river city, I read an article by Brisbane River legend, Gavin Dunne, which initiated the fascination for this iconic fish. Who would have thought that you could catch a 50lb threadfin salmon in a river that runs through the third most populated city in Australia?

Deep Cycle Battery Secrets - Graham Brake - 2016

Have you been guilty of running your electric motor until it stops?  I know I have.  Luckily in this age of modern, four-stroke outboards with high amperage charging capability, it’s normally a case of going for a decent run and you will have replenished your battery enough for another crack at your favourite snags. Unfortunately, this process is doing irreparable damage to your deep cycle battery. 

Guide To Hervey Bay - Luke Fitzpatrick 2016

Through my Facebook page (Fish That Snag) I receive dozens of messages per month from new and return visitors to Hervey Bay, asking for advice about what species of fish are currently being caught, places to fish, techniques and recommended lures to use, even questions about the very basics of where to launch a boat, what the weather is doing, where to be careful on the water and which tackle stores to visit.

Fresh It Is - CQ - Dean Smith 2016

120 kilometres offshore, late afternoon bite period, rods nearly doubling over as more and more reds hit the deck. Even as I type this I am getting excited and my mind wanders off into that place that every offshore angler craves to be in.   As every angler who has ever been in this ideal situation knows, there is a lot of preparation that needs to go on behind the scenes to make this hypothetical situation a reality.

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