Surtees 650 Review - Mitch Sayers 2017

If you are in the market for a serious offshore trailer boat, then look no further as the Surtees 650 Game Fisher (650) ticks all of those angling boxes.

Surtees had in mind the serious offshore angler when designing this incredible watercraft.

Follow The Leader - Dave Magner 2017

Apart from your hook, the line it is tied to is the next most important part of the whole fishing equation. Leaders, traces, tippets, call ‘em what you will’, that all important bit of line which is tied to your hook is a vital but often overlooked piece of angling equipment.

The Extra Mile - Talina O'Brien 2017

For decades now Cape York has been considered an iconic and bucket list destination for off road travellers in Australia seeking out the adventure of remote territory and untouched landscapes. With access roads constantly improving and the technology of 4WD vehicles and accessories continuing to evolve, the journey north into Cape York has become less arduous.

July 2017 Fishing and Moon Phase Chart

June 2017 Fishing & Moon Phases

Taming The Trout - Dan Bowater 2017

Another summer has passed and those cruel mid-year trade winds are now relentlessly hammering the coast. The frequency of calm forecasts is now much less inspiring leaving most bluewater hopefuls to contemplate past results or maybe to forget about them in favour of a session on some winter macks.

Toga Tales - Andy Pennell 2017

We are fortunate in this country that we can still go to certain areas to target a species and more often than not encounter the fish we set out for. Sure there are still those trips that leave you wondering if golf would have been a better pastime, but generally with dedication and a little nouse the rewards will come. The latest thing on fins to steal my attention was the Saratoga.

Building A Hot Bite On A Neap Day! Lee Brake

It’s not often you fluke one of those perfect offshore days – those days when the wind is soft and gentle like a good proctologist; the sea is calm with a glassy finish like it’s been sipping single malt into the early hours; and even the tides are restrained.

On this day, more than restrained, they were neap – 1.1m of run to be exact. To put things into perspective, our king tide off Mackay has up to 6.5m of run…

Tuna Madness - Cody Hochen 2017

After 2 weeks off the water, I was itching to get amongst some pelagics. There was a short window of good weather in early March, and despite the threat of rain, nothing was stopping me. Although, when I awoke at 1a.m. to the sound of the gutters overflowing, almost put a dampener on things. Paranoia set in as I anxiously checked the BoM radar every ½hour for the next three hours, praying for the rain to disappear out to sea. Thankfully, the rain didby the time I drove out of my driveway, Galeforce in tow.

Sound It Out - John Boon 2017

So where about’s is the best place to position yourself if you want to catch a fish? No I haven't lost the plot and this very simple question has a very simple answer. Of course if you want to catch a fish then obviously you would be needing to fish in an area where the fish are. After all it’s common sense that the fish need to be there in order for you to catch them.

Fishing and Moon Phases - May 2017

Tidal Influenece - Does It Matter? John Boon 2017

Is bigger better? Or maybe the smaller ones seem to produce the goods. Before you check the front cover to see if you have picked up the wrong magazine by accident lets dive into which tides seem to get better results and why. Tidal influence is a major factor when looking to launch your next assault out on the briny.

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